The Big Give '23

Saturday, December 9th
Marion, Indiana Campus
Registration is FULL but you can still get on the "waitlist".

If you are looking to serve at this event on one of the many volunteer teams, you can sign up to serve at the bottom of this page... or click here.

We have a gift for you, and we call it "The Big Give"
Registration is FULL (but you can still get on the waitlist) to receive a Christmas dinner box from The River Church and its partnering organizations. The box is filled with an Ossian ham and other groceries to make a memorable Christmas dinner for you and your family. If you attend The Big Give you will also receive other gifts, be entered in a chance to win one of our many giveaway prizes, and your kids can even make a short pit stop to get a quick picture with Santa. You won't want to miss it on Saturday, December 9th, but you must register to reserve your spot.

Remember while registering to ONLY CHECK ONE TIME SLOT. Registrations with more than one time selected for pick-up will not be guaranteed a box.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?
We have online registration this year. Visit "". Registration is live on November 13st. The Big Give will be held Saturday, December 9th.

Do I need a ticket/confirmation?
Make sure you see the confirmation when you submit it, but you do not need to bring it with you. However, when you arrive, you will need to give a volunteer your name and the phone number you used to register.

I didn’t receive a confirmation?
Your registration must not have went through. Please try submitting it again.

I can’t submit the form?
Many areas are required. Do you see any red words? Those are the areas you need to go back and fill in. It will not let you submit the form until all required questions are answered.

Who do I bring to the event?
Just you and your family, if they are able. We will have characters, Santa, a fun treat, and a fun video for your kids. If you want to park and get out for a picture with Santa and the other characters, that will be allowed at the very end (after you’ve been through the line and picked up your meal box.)

Do I have to come to the time that I registered?
You MUST attend at the time you select in order for us to manage traffic flow and eliminate long wait time. As you select a time frame, know that we cannot predict the amount of time you might wait for your drive thru experience to be completed. Please allow yourself extra time. Thank you for understanding that we cannot allow cars to skip the wait time. We will work our best to stay on schedule and keep the line moving as efficiently as possible.

What happens if I cannot come to The Big Give?
You can have someone come and pick up your box for you. They just need your name and phone number. However, if you don’t come by the 1:30pm time slot, your box will be considered left over and those on the waiting list will have opportunity to get any left over boxes. We cannot hold your box for you after that time.

Can I pick up a box or register for someone else?
Yes, you may, but you will need to provide the name and phone number that they registered with in order to pick their box up (or have them pick yours up).

How many registrations do I need?
You may only reserve one registration per household. The reservation is for your entire family.

What time do I need to be there?
Arrive at the time of your event. The time you selected when you registered.

Can I get an extra box?
No, unfortunately only one meal box per person/household will be allowed for giveaways and meal-boxes.

Do you have any help for Christmas presents for my kids?
I’m sorry. We do not but we will have giveaways at the event.

I don’t have a church, when are your Sunday services?
We would love you to join us. We have three identical services at 8:30am, 10:00am and 11:30. Join us for Christmas at The River on Dec 21nd at 6pm, Dec 23 at 4:30pm, or Christmas Eve at 9am, 11am, or 6pm. We will have awesome kids’ activities for babies through 5th grade. Older children will sit with their families.

How can I know about anything else happening at The River Church?
Website –
Facebook - @theriverchurchmarion
Instagram - @theriverchurchmarion

Serve at The Big Give on the Dream Team!

Dream Team registration is open to the community, and we need your help to volunteer on one of the many teams on Saturday, December 9th that will serve over 1200 people. Make a difference!