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Below is a word from Pastor Matthew on moving towards the fall at The River Church:

“As we continue to navigate these very different days of ministry, we enter the fall season with anticipation and excitement for what God has in store for us as a church. We hope you will join us each week - we want you part of the movement God does in and through us. Each Sunday, we gather in the building and online at 8:45, 10 and 11:15am. Our goal as a church has always been to offer people a place of safety spiritually, emotionally and physically. With the continued focus in society on COVID-19, we will exercise the present plan that has been working for us. Our chairs are spread apart in the seated areas for all three services. Many are asking if masks are going to be required. Because we are spreading chairs apart and because we are a religious organization, we are exempt from any recommendations being offered. If you feel the need to wear a mask, you will be welcomed at The River. If you don’t feel a need to wear a mask, you will also be welcomed at The River.


Above all things, let’s continue to stay focused on the main thing: helping people KNOW GOD, FIND FREEDOM, DISCOVER their PURPOSE and MAKE A DIFFERENCE."


New service times!

We have wanted to make these changes for awhile and it seems like now is as good as time as ever. These new service times are here to stay and we hope you and your family can shift just a few minutes and find a new "norm" for service time. Options are 8:45, 10 and 11:15. These times will also reflect the availability on Facebook. As always, you can access the service at a later time on the app or website and worship at a time that is most convenient for your schedule.


Do you have student and children's ministry?

YES! All of our ministries are back up and running including KIDS KREEK for Newborn - 4th grade, BRIDGE 56 for 5th and 6th graders and BRIDGE for 7th-12th is meeting in life groups throughout the week.


How do I give during this phase?

Giving of our tithes and offerings will no longer include passing a basket. We encourage our regular River Church family to give online through the app or website. Those who wish to give in cash or in person may use our offering deposit boxes. We now have four of these boxes located throughout the building.


Will we be required to wear a mask?

No. Masks are optional inside the building. We have extra masks on hand if you prefer to wear one. Temperature wands will also be available to use as needed or requested.


What if I am uncomfortable in the worship center?

We encourage those who desire more distance but want to return to the building to utilize worshipping in the Video Cafe, the cove or during our 8:45 and 11:15 service hours.


What if I am not sure if I have been sick recently?

If there is any hesitation at all, we ask for you to remain home and worship with us online. But specifically, we are counting on you to stay home if you have had any COVID symptoms (especially a fever) in the last 14 days. You can help to keep others healthy by staying in.


What if I'm not ready to come back inside the building yet?

That's totally understandable. We get it. Everyone has to do this at their own pace, keeping their own situation in perspective. Please stay part of The River Church family. Stay active in services and stay involved. Stay growing in your relationship with Christ! Just so you know, we are working diligently to continue to offer everything online that you could experience inside the building. So please reach out to us if you need something and let us know how we can stay involved with you.


Will we get this perfect the first time?

No, probably not. We are going to be a work in progress. We covet your prayers and your support as we navigate our church family through some very unchartered waters. We sure hope that the options we are providing for you fit in some way.


Will we see you Sunday?

Well, that's up to you! We would love to see you in person in the building or see you drop a photo on our Facebook live feed.  One way or another, we hope to see you soon. You are important to us. You are a part of the movement of God we call The River Church and we are glad you are with us in this.


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  • What about my kids?

    Our Children and Students are important too! It is our job as parents to disciple our children on a daily basis. We are privileged to have great Dream Teamers who engage with them on Sundays. Now is your chance to see how they are learning on Sundays. You never know you may learn something too!


    Children and Youth lessons and video material for each Sunday are available here on our website and the app under "Connect". You can also find a crisis conversation guides to help you unpack this situation with them under "Resources."

  • Give

    We are asking that you continue to trust God with your tithes and offerings. Your giving is essential for our church to remain capable to serve our community. It is also essential to your personal relationship with God.

    You can give the follow ways:

    1. US Mail: 759 S Lenfesty Ave Marion IN 46953

    2. Text to Give: Text "TheRiverGive" to 7797

    3. Clicking Here to Give on our website.


    Online giving is easy and convenient. You can give by checking account or credit or debit card. We can help set it up over the phone if you prefer. Email or call the Marion office by clicking above.

  • Prayer Requests

    We may not see you on Sunday but we still want to know! Let us know about a prayer request or need below.

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  • Technology Support

    Technology is more important now than ever. For technical support related to any of our ministry platforms including The River App, The River Website, RiverConnect, Pushpay Giving or our Live Feed please respond by clicking "Need Help?" below.