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Fuse helps students experience what it means to fully follow after Christ and find a safe place to ask questions about faith and find truth. We offer passionate worship gatherings and practical teaching, creative arts and community with others as they connect in small groups with adult leaders for discussion and prayer.

Friday, saturday, Fuseday

Whether students are far from God or passionately seeking Him, our prayer is that Fuse would be a place that inspires life. We encourage students to come early and hang out before the service. Students connect in small groups where they feel safe to ask questions and reveal their true self. Adult leaders facilitate this time of discussion and prayer. Every student should have a trusted adult who listens as well as encourages and supports the role of parents.

Marion Campus Fuse: Sundays @ 6pm

Chesterton Campus Fuse: Wednesdays @ 6pm

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Your greatest impact on your student is your ongoing love and support for them expressed through prayer and personal connection. These years play a vital role in transitioning to independence and adulthood. Select your campus below to sign up to receive email and text updates for Fuse.