The goal of the NEXT LEADERS initiative is to

"create avenues and pathways that develop people for leadership roles in every facet and department of the church."


“The Worship Academy” - Musical instrument and vocal lessons given for free or discounted pricing to help produce the next generation of musicians and singers for our church and multi-sites. 

  • Setting up mentorship for those who want to not only be “in” the worship band, but lead which includes not only performing and leading on stage, but the creation and nuts and bolts behind the scenes of what it takes to be a worship leader. 
  • Help facilitate avenues for more people to become involved and run the tech side of Sound, Lights, and Projection. This is best done through apprenticeship and mentoring. 
  • The creative environment team is for people who can dream up and help build stage design and other space concepts that facilitate the creative message of the gospel.

Graphic Design and Marketing - In todays culture, branding and imagery matters. The church needs to be on the leading edge of using technology and the tools it provides to our advantage. This program would be pure apprenticeship and mentoring to teach and develop people who can take on the HUGE task of producing social media posts, cards, logo’s, series logo’s, and videos. 

First Impressions - People make their gut instinct decisions on a church within the first few seconds of entering the building. So it is CRUCIAL that we win the first impression with visitors! We need leaders who can make it their mission to provide an environment from the parking lot to the seats in the worship space that shows how much we love and care for people at The River. From getting people parked, to greeters, to getting kids checked in, we need to win each of those encounters. We believe in the power of food, and the table that provides opportunities for fellowship and relationships to form. So we need people who care about the kitchen services we provide on a weekly basis. 

Follow Up - This is the bedrock on which we go from being a church where people “make” a decision, to a place that helps people “live out” those decisions. From the moment someone spiritually responds, to being a Fully Devoted follower of Christ. Being present for our people in their daily life is the support that is necessary for life change. We need people for the spiritual response team on Sunday mornings, guest follow up, and the crisis and care follow up team.

Kids Kreek - There are not many things we do that is more important than kids ministry. In the beginning stages of their molding minds, to enter in and insert God’s love, grace, healing, and power into their lives is the greatest gift we can give. We need champions for each area of our current Kids Kreek and the future kids ministries we will have to reproduce at each multi-site we create. Leaders who are on the cutting edge of creativity and innovation on how we can best draw and communicate to children in our area. This can be developed through apprenticeship and mentorship, but also consistent access to leading conferences, seminars, and video/reading resources that keeps us on the cutting edge of children’s ministry.

Youth Ministry (FUSE, 4:12) - Teenagers are searching for and forming what their identity is during the jr. high and sr. high years. We need to be a consistent voice to them during this time reminding them that their identity is found in Christ. That God has the greatest plan for their lives, much better than anything we can imagine. Raising up leaders within that group for peer to peer ministry to occur is as important as having adults present and pouring into them. Providing opportunity from FUSE and 4:12 into the Next Leaders program is paramount for The River to continue to progress into the future and lead revival to the next generation. Connecting our teens to the whole of the church in a real and achievable way. 

Multi-Site Residency - As our church launches out into creating more campuses, the need for staff at those sites becomes paramount to the success of the endeavor. We are looking for people who will commit to planting a campus in a new community as Campus Pastors, Worship Leaders, and Student & Children’s Leaders. This would be a one year residency working hand in hand in leading a new site to successful ministry.


We believe that the distinguishing mark of a healthy and vibrant ministry  revolves around these 4 Core Directives. Each of our categories should be producing and refining these directives in every part of their ministry.

Outreach - What can your area do to help attract and minister to The 12 Thousand unchurched people within 5 miles of our door?

Discipleship - How is your area encouraging and leading people to take their next step toward being a Fully Devoted Follower of Christ?

Creativity - What can you do to create an innovative and fresh approach to how we do ministry?

Multi-Site - What can you do replicate your ministry at another site, expanding the kingdom of God beyond the borders of Grant County?